1. Sebastian Mullaert
  2. Villa Åbo
    Karlskrona, Sweden
  3. Nuel
    Rimini, Italy
  4. Rivet
    Malmö, Sweden
  5. Luke Hess
    Detroit, Michigan
  6. Jason Fine
  7. Vanligt Folk
  8. Harmonious Thelonious
    Düsseldorf, Germany
  9. Johanna Knutsson
    Berlin, Germany


Kontra-Musik Malmö, Sweden

Kontra-Musik is an electronic music label that celebrates diversity, personality and art. Started in 2006 by Ulf Eriksson the label has today become and important antagonist on the international scene. Kontra-Musik is an independent label free as can be. The label tries not to follow trends or fashion to avoid becoming the short-lived product of the most recent hype. ... more

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